Sunday, November 9, 2008


Finally finished reading the Big Damn Rat Book this evening...

I want to leave everyone with one more passage from the book.  So the author, Robert Sullivan, was discussing Irish and German immigrants and problems that NYC officials faced having to keep those groups under control, particularly between Henry Bergh and Kit Burns.  This is all totally happening circa Gangs of New York-era.
"Thankfully, he [Bergh] did eventually stop rat fights and the like, though such events persisted for some time - people naturally want to gather in crowds and eat and drink and cheer and sometimes get into brawl. [Duh, ever watched a Yankees vs. Red Sox game?]  Some historians argue that the end of rat fights did not come until the next inexpensive crowd-pleasing sporting event was finally embraced by the growing number of inner-city residents in New York and all over America: baseball."
Baseball FTW!!
[Also, in crowd-pleasing sporting event related news, Ravens FTW!!]

Now onto Chasing Cool: Standing Out In Today's Cluttered Marketplace.  
Marketing books FTW!!

After that, I may finally crack into my Teach Yourself: Beginner's Dutch book and cds.
Hacking and gagging and spitting sounds FTW!!

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