Sunday, August 31, 2008


So tired from field hockey today and kinda sunburt from it... which shouldn't be happening at 4pm...  Boo.  I thought my days of shinguard tans were behind me.

And what happened to  Stupid RIAA, so sad!  Duh, people can purchase songs there... not just streaming.  It is (or was) a good thing!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Oh man!  How could I forget...  

7/23 - George Michael at Madison Square Garden



I'm the worst blogger ever...  I guess I have been a little too involved in the Twilight book series (finished #4 last night... and am in love with Edward Cullen) and too many show in the past month.  

Here's a little breakdown of the last month:
7/22 - Shinedown at Highline
7/26 - Warped Tour in Long Island
7/27 - MGMT at McCarren Pool
7/30 - The Fullblast reunion show
8/6 - The Graduate at Gramercy
8/8 - The Graduate in CT
8/11 - Darkest Hour at Irving
8/12 - Gaslight Anthem instore at Generation Records
8/13 - Rancid at Irving
8/14 - Rancid at Irving
8/16 - Paramore in Philadelphia
8/17 - Gaslight Anthem at Knitting Factory
8/19 - Staind in NJ
8/21 - Carolina Liar at Bowery
8/26 - Nada Surf at Bowery
8/28 - Paramore in Central Park
8/29 - Sonic Youth at McCarren Pool

I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff.... Hopefully September is a little quieter!  Whew.

In the time its taken me to type this, the Blue Jays have gone from being down by 2 to tied to down by 1 to down by 2.  UGH.  Boo Yankees!  Let's go Jays!  Summon your inner-fucking-Joe Carters already!

My fantasy (or fancy, depending on who's asking) football team is having our draft on Wednesday.  So stoked!  Anyone got any pointers?

I also have a twitter now... because I clearly don't have enough interwebz.  You can and should 'follow me'.  I'm: katietothemax.

Cool? Cool.