Sunday, June 29, 2008


Soccer finals are today.  I will enjoy the BBQ but have been out of the pool since the first round.  (See - post #2.)  Hopefully I don't eat all the deviled eggs before I head over to Bozzi's biggest little Avenue C palace.

"Extreme side-part and all over print splatter paint hoodie" show tonight in Long Island.  I hope Ace Enders covers his Early November song that covers The Get Up Kids.  Should be fun even though the Crazy Donkey has no place to escape to.  And no food, well except sorta gross cheese fries.  But sorta gross and cheesy are what this show is all about.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Three days until Canada Day... my most favo(u)rite holiday!!  I've been practicing "the test" but still can't seem to regularly score above 60%.  Hah.

Anyway, get stoked for Trainwreck Tuesd, eh? on Tuesday night!  I'm working on a playlist of the best Canadian jams for Erica to spin for an hour.

Souldecision - "Jaded"
Propaganhdi - "Ska Sucks"
Bedouin Soundclash - "When The Night Feels My Song"
Alanis Morissette - "You Oughta Know"
Sum 41 - "Fat Lip"
Our Lady Peace - "Superman's Dead"
Avril Lavigne f/ Lil Mama - "Girlfriend (Remix)"
Hot Hot Heat - "Bandages"
Tom Cochrane - "Life Is A Highway"'
Arcade Fire - "No Cars Go"
Barenaked Ladies - "One Week"
Nelly Furtado - "I'm Like A Bird"
Simple Plan - "I'd Do Anything"

So stoked!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Happy Birthday, Erica Dagley!

I wish you a night full of strong drinks, make outs with cute boys, Rob dj-ing all the hits of The Cab, and lots of twittering.  More sleepovers, BBQs and overall good times to come this year!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The real life version of this is right outside of my office on 6th Ave between 51st and 52nd.   I will be eternally grateful to whoever can find out the locations of the Orioles and Blue Jays and Dodgers real life versions.  I definitely want to go on an adventure Saturday to find them!


Is it weird that my most vivid memories of George Carlin are from his stint as Mr. Conductor on "Thomas the Tank Engine" and not the infamous 7 words?  There were many years (what's up 1995!) of battling my brother and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers after school for the remote so I could watch MTV.

My favorite George Carlin sketch:

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Glad things that I write on here show up on 'Google Alert'.  Thanks for pointing it out TJ.  And just so you are sure to see this again, Teej...  

Yael Naim, Paper Rival, Serena Ryder, GO! 


The sports gods are not on my side this summer.  I was the first person knocked out of our soccer pool because although I had the Netherlands going all the way, unfortch my other 3 semis teams were all freakin eliminated after the first round.  I couldn't bring myself to watch the NL vs. Russia game yesterday and the cheers from KGB Bar next door confirmed my fear that yes, the Dutch men would choke as history shows they tend to do.

The Orioles are actually playing above .500 now, which never happens.  I wasn't even born the last time they won the World Series... and forget winning, they haven't even been in the series since I've been alive.  I must be bad luck.  Dodgers and Blue Jays are both under .500 right now, so it seems as if expanding the number of teams that I root for isn't helping anything.

And I miss playing field hockey a lot.  I've been doing my research but anyone who is 24 and still plays is on some amazing club team.  I just want to play pick-up games with high schoolers or something because we all know I haven't played competitively since then.

Yael Naim in Central Park... going to get my Hebrew-French on with everyone from work.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I had wanted to take this time to list the things/people that Pau Gasol reminds me of...  such as Tom Green, a wet noodle, or a pony.  Phil Jackson will have to get his 10th ring next year.  Fuck.

Now my attention is fully focused on the Netherlands winning the Euro Cup.  Dudes are gonna be bummed if I win the the cash money from our pool.  Let's go Oranje!  They're practically undutchable (tehe) at this point!

This weekend:
Baltimore's Patrick Martin visits

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Here it debut attempt at blogspotting.  Let's hope this goes better than livejournaling.  I just made my first muxtape, too.  Yay!

-Grad tonight at Crash Masion
-Lakers tonight on the DVR

9 days until Shinedown record is out - my love for this album cannot be quantified.
21 days until Carly and Kevin visit - my love for them cannot be quantified.