Saturday, November 8, 2008


As always, Team Stein hangs are too, too short and few and far between.  Last night, they descended upon New York City and as always, fun ensued.

Some of my favorite quotes of the night, not in chronological order:
  • "Keyboard players usually mean the band sucks."
  • "Wait... She's married to that guy?... But what about the attractive guy with the wedding ring?... Oh shit...  That's her brother???"
  • "If I were him, I'd be suicidal too."
  • "It's so salty that it makes me grimace."  "Oh yea, that's what she said!"
  • "Five pints of Harp, please."
  • "Those are Shane's 'my-junk-looks-huge-from-f.o.h.' pants."
  • "That's what you get when you're Shane Told, whooooooooa!"
  • "Can you make sure Danny's in his bunk? The closer top right..." "He's there.  I teabagged him to make sure."
  • "Verb The Noun's drummer got hit by a car today... Yea, it's a bummer... No, he's okay."
  • "We took a consensus and we need to know, have you ever had butt sex?" "Me?  No.  Wait, with a woman?  Only once.  She wanted it."

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