Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Via my blackberry camera.

Exhibit A:  Ryan Brady's Girlfriend Chart
Seems like whatever....

But... upon closer inspection...
Please refer to Exhibit B:
"Light skin, auburn hair, brown eyes, with earrings" and a haircut with bangs gets the big X.
Dude, that's totally me in doll form.  What the fuck.

Exhibit C:
Also, I redecorated at the office today.  I'd had enough of that Paolo Nutini photo I've been staring at for like 2 years and decided to take matter into my own hands.  Hello Edward Cullen!  My literary crush on your isn't weird at all.

Also, it sounds like the Giants won the Superbowl again outside my window!  Woo.  Yay Uhmerika!  

I'm stoked... but I'm also old and want to sleep.  Thanks.  

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