Sunday, November 30, 2008


Since Aileen arrived in NYC on Wednesday afternoon, I think I have consumed roughly 5,348,921,678,264.13 calories. I think we can best chronicle her stay as a menu.

Wednesday, November 26th
-slice of pizza from Global Kitchen stuffed down throat while running from Atlantic office across Rockefeller Plaza to Conan
-grande hot chocolate/latte/mocha disaster from 30 Rock basement Starbucks
-Stella Artois (many!) at Bowery Ballroom
-club soda with smuggled contents of White Grape mini Stoli bottle
-slice from favorite L.E.S. pizza joint Rosario's
Thursday, November 27th
-catered breakfast with Sable's lobster salad, bagels and espresso
-hot apple cider at the Central Park Boat House
-grande latte with extra shot from Starbucks
-cheese ravioli from Atlas
-five hundred cups of tea while trying to stave off sickness
-Benihana's tuna streak with little shrimp guys and soup and stuff
Friday, November 28th
-steak salad and bottomless cup of coffee at The Smith
-Shanghai Square tom yum shrimp soup and pad thai
-Toll House cookie cake and 'Raspberry Blonde' beer cocktail at Heartland
-BLT hot dog goodness from Crifdog's following Top Chef episode with "make a decent hot dog quick fire challenge"
Saturday, November 29th
-giant Bloody Mary, grilled cheese, tomato soup, french fries and maple-cured bacon from Belcourt
-delicious unfiltered sake, miso soup, 2 rolls and more saki at Typhoon
-more sake
Sunday, November 30th
-countless hot/honey/bbq Croxley wings and Nacho Madness
-more beers for my 'retirement plan' punch card
-can of Campbell's condensed tomato soup (Warhol-inspired and budget friendly!)
Also in my future...
-diet pills
-stomach stapling
-diabetes and/or bulemia
-gym membership

With all this eating, I'm really not sure how we found time to...
-watch the T's tape "1-2-3-4" on Conan from the green room
-get black-out drunk at the Bowery Ballroom (Thomas took my blackberry and saw the email in which I called him 'totally hot'? File this under: Things I Don't Remember)
-watch the T's perform "1-2-3-4" on Conan on the DVR

-miss the Macy's Parade by going from the East Village to Upper West Side via 125th Street
-pose for photos in front of real life Warhol's in Perry's dad's friend's apartment
-stroll through Central Park

-nap on the couch while attempting to watch the snooze-fest that was the Lions/Titans game
-go to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Annex in SoHo (Go to this! Especially if you like The Clash!)
-see Twilight again (yes, for a third time)

-spend way too much money at American Apparel and Urban Outfitters
-watch countless NSYNC and Veronica's videos on youtube

-cheer on the Ravens to victory over the Bengals
-...and the Broncos to victory over the Jets
-...and attempt to cheer for the Lakers in their victory over the Raptors but failing to find a bar that could/would actually televise it

I wonder why I am so exhausted after a 4 1/2 day long stay-cation.
I need a vacation from my vacation.


jessica maria said...

PS i had no idea crif dogs delivered!

sounds like tons of fun, no matter the caloric intake!

Jonah Bayer said...

That's what you get when you let your heart win.