Sunday, October 19, 2008


Such a great day!

This happened... 
in my apartment for about 10 minutes before Perry and I headed out to brunch with Dustin and Ali.  My postulate* was correct though, for those who care.  I didn't blog pre-game, didn't root too hard and the Ravens actually freakin' won!  And not only did they win, but they scored a defensive touchdown on a gift from Chad Pennington - my fantasy team thanks them.

After brunch we walked around for a bit... it's starting to get colder and so fun, outside days are soon going to be few and far between.  We picked out furniture at ABC Carpet that we currently (and maybe never) cannot afford and then spent the better part of an hour perusing the shelves at Barnes and Noble in search of this collection of Eggers short stories.  I've now learned that it's out of print or only available in the UK or whatever.  So, I settled on this book:
For those who aren't aware, I have more run-ins with rats in NYC than anyone I've ever met... not limited to having them scamper across my bare flip-flopped feet (Attorney Street, between Houston and Stanton), sharing the subway platform with them at the West 4th Street station stop (Downtown A/C/E side), and walking in the middle of the street in the summer when I see them nibbling on garbage (pretty much anywhere in the East Village/Lower East Side).  I have luckily - fingers crossed & knock on wood - never lived in a rat/mouse infested apartment building, although I did rather enjoy that Ratatouille movie.  I seriously hope this book sheds some light on those little critters and hopefully helps calm my crippling phobia.

Now, I'm watching the baseball game and tying a few on with Perry.  Thanks in advance for continuing to read her blog.  She has google analytics and shit and I want to feel popular!

Question #1: 
If we heat up hard cider, will it burn off all the alcohol content?

Question #2: 
What's with the Boston coach (er, manager...whatever) and his rampant gum chewing??  I hope he has stock in Bubblicious.

*pos-chuh-lit; -noun; Mathematics, Logic.  a proposition that requires no proof, being self-evident, or that is for a specific purpose assumed true, and that is used in the proof of other propositions; axiom.

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