Sunday, October 19, 2008

Re: #29

Looks like I may be eating my words if  Boston beat Tampa Bay in Game 7.  Although, I think there may be a mathematical explanation for this...

Some rules of geometry and how they apply to my sports predictions:

Antecedent - "A" - if I hope a team will win and blog about it...
Consequent - "B" - ...then they will win.
Thus, the conditional statement is "If A, then B".

1. Case Study #1 - the Dutch soccer team in the Euro Cup
If A, then Not B.
If I hope they win and blog about it, they will lose.

2. Case Study #2 - NLCS, Dodgers vs. Phillies
Not A -> Not B
If I hope they win and don't blog about it, they will lose.

3. Case Study #3 -  Game 5, Boston vs. Tampa Bay
Not B -> A
If it a appears a team is certain to lose and I blog about it before the game is actually over, they will win.

So, I know that the inverse and converse of my statements do not hold true.  I haven't yet tested the contrapositive...  Not B -> Not A... aka, they won't win if I don't hope about it and don't blog about it.

In conclusion, overall epic fail on my part.  

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