Friday, October 31, 2008


Football is like, half over.  ALREADY.  So bummed!

Worry not, I am quickly finding that the Lake Show is more than filling that potential void already.  I will admit that haven't I followed a team this closely since my high school basketball team* lost in the state finals [2001] or the the Maryland Terrapins (see also: "tearing it up in the home of...") won the NCAA** tournament my senior year of high school [2002].  Juan Dixon was a total bad ass and there was Lonny Baxter, the once-upon-a-time Shaq to Dixon's Kobe, and Steve Blake filled the role of awkward white guy.  It was magical.  March madness ensued.  

Now I am fully on the Lakers' bandwagon which is a surprisingly easy thing to do from 3 time zones away.  It also helps that the only profesh game I've ever seen (this is something I hope to change on February 2, 2009 --cough--) was the Washington Bullets in like 1994.  Clearly I had no annoying loyalties in this sport*** to abandon.

Bring it on! ****

*The only real notable alum of the TJ basketball team (and he had long since graduated that season) is Terence Morris who is enjoying what seems to be a semi-lucrative career in the Russian League.  Go team?

**I may have erroneously referred to it as the NAACP tournament... but that's another story.  Can you really blame me though??

***Thank you Baltimore Orioles for continuing to suck at baseball, haha.  Why not aim for an even 30 games back next season? 

****Is my nose actually crooked like that?!  I've never noticed it doing that before.

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