Sunday, March 15, 2009


Remember when I trekked to Houston and the West Side Highway like a handful of times to do this?....  Yea, me neither.

FINALLY went to play field hockey again today and already feeling the burn.  This is what I get though for choosing cold frosty beverages, hot wings, and watched televised displays of men in spandex (and more recently, mesh) get all up on each other over physical activity for the past six months.

I wish my bed was a little higher off the ground because I'm going to need a rolling start to get out of it in the morning.  Awesome.

Debating whether or not to fill out an NCAA (formerly NAACP, whoops!) bracket.  I'm really terrible at things like that and I know I will have Maryland advancing to a ridiculously unreasonable round in the hopes that I'll get to cheer for them longer.  But damn, I do reeeeeally want a virtual trophy for my Yahoo! Fantasy Sports profile... and more and more it looks like the WereNot(James)Worthy's are going to shit the bed all the way into 8th place.


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