Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I spent the better part of my morning losing my mind over the McSweeney's sale.  Seriously.  Got 11 books for $56 (and that's including shipping!).  For those who care, I picked up McSweeneys Quarterly Concern issues 13 through 18 and 23, two collections of columns by Nick Hornby, 'Maps and Legends' by the same guy who wrote The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay and a book that is CLEARLY a must-have called "All Known Metal Bands".

Taylor Swift wins the award for worst admat ever... but I will be logged in at 10am sharp EST tomorrow morning buying a pair of pre-sale tickets to this.  Show's not until August 27th but that just gives me plenty of time to get fuckin' stoked!

SXSW is just around the corner!  I'm pretty excited about the discontinuation of Sparks.  I don't think my heart/liver/other internal organs could handle another Sparks open bar music industry douche bag event.   If you'll be in Austin, come visit me at The Souls/D4/DH show.  The bands promise to slay.... and you'll help fight breast cancer too!

Aaaaaand Fringe, where the hell have you been?  I miss Walter Bishop and the Lance Reddick face.  Please return to my Tuesday nights to be enjoyed later via DVR....ASAP!


I'm beth. said...

I miss fringe too! what the heck!

jessica maria said...

i need to get into this fringe? even my parents told me - how lame am i?

also, see that your'e watching "the wire" - where you at? i've only seen the first season; jesse got the entire SERIES on dvd over Christmas, we have to get back on that shite. wire marathons in our future?