Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Re #66

BALTIMORE -- The City That (Ed) Reeds.
(Oooh, I think I may have just named next year's fantasy football team.... Hmmm...)

Here are Danny and I getting a litte pre-game action with some notable Maryland figures.  Thank God the O's mascot can stay employed nearly year-round.  (Pitchers and catchers report for duty in like 50-some-odd days, yea?)

God, I am like the best sister... possibly ever.  Above is Danny with new lady friends Stephanie and Lindi.  Overheard from beer-bellied, Flacco- away jersey wearing, mustached man while I snapped this photo: "Aww, well, I think his girlfriend is cuter." *wink*  Umm, barf.  Instead of involving myself in a conversation with said man to explain that while I am flattered he thinks I'm cuter than the heavily make up-ed, tanorexic cheerleaders, I am infact the sister... so I smiled at him.  And this is Maryland, not West Virginia.  Don't get any ideas!

Completely gratuitous photo of the Johnny Unitas statue... for my dad.  One of his most prized possessions is autographed photo I got for him while working at a card show a few (or like 7) years back.  Personally, I thought Johnny Unitas was kind of a creep, but I'll keep that opinion to myself.  I'm hoping someone in Hollywood will make a movie out of 'The Greatest Game Ever Played' story.  I need more feel-good sports movies!!!  Also, Dick Symanski and Art Spinney kinda were babes back in 1958.  I'm sure that Ryan Gosling could like, be cast as the punter or placekicker or one of those other skinny white guy positions.  Plus, Gaslight Anthem could provide the soundtrack... the '59 '58 Sound!  Yes.

[Sidenote: Negro League players were hands down the best autograph guests to sit with at the card shows especially Stanley Glenn... followed by washed up baseball players (like Eddie Murray)... current football players (Ray Lewis, I would throw myself at the ground and play dead if you came running at me)and lastly, hockey players.  They were the worst.  Bigger assholes than the endodontist who did my first root canal... plus, total SFLB hair.  However, bonus points to me for being asked if I was Bob Griese's daughter!  Aaaaand, additional bonus points awarded to me for shaking Ted Williams hand before he went the way of Han Solo.]


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