Sunday, December 21, 2008

Re: #59

I don't have too many celeb crushes but Ryan Gosling....oh man.  


RG can totally be on The CUBE Red Plaid Twin Team anytime he wants.  I am also willing to move to Ontario so we can properly start a life together.  I do love you Rachel McAdams, but I also have absolutely no problem stealing your on-again-off-again man.  

Thank you Popsugar for the photo.


jessica maria said...

LOVE IT. i shared this on google reader this weekend. OH YEAH HOT.

(also there are a lot of things about this post that are hilarious to me, but maybe only me...)

billy hamilton said...

i'm sure this comes as no surprise to you, but our friend ryan there, a fine canadian boy, spent a couple of his teen years as a resident of burlington ontario. coincidentally he also attended lester b pearson highschool. you'll never guess who else went to that school...

katie brown said...

JP- What's so hilarious? I wanna knoooooow!

BH- I know this one... PK! I yelled at him for a loooong time for not telling me about the RG connection in his life. All the more reason for me to transplant myself to Canada.