Monday, December 22, 2008


Oh, hai. 
Can warm our handz by the fakey fire?
Team Roommate ^2 feelin' the heat!

Because I spent the better part of the last two weeks with the sickness, my holiday spirit definitely suffered this year.  I did manage to champion through the Annual 410 Eggnogular Holiday Party flanked with my party cup of XXX (aka "straightedge") Vitamin Water and toasted wheat pita bread.

Luckily, Jiscilla and Meik and Jessica were all on hand to documenting the event.  I'm a total pro at not using my camera lately.

Exhibit A: Further proof that Perry and I are becoming the same person.  Even our hair is turning the same color!

Exhibit B: Parker is in her festive 10th Grade Homecoming dress.  I am decidedly less festive in my unfunctional red and white striped scarf worn indoors.

Exhibit C: DJ Rob Hitt was sans iPhone DJ status this time.  However, Sarti was absent from the party and as such so were his interrupting phone calls to said iPhone.

Another successful party brought to us by Parker & Dagger & Jesse Mack!

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jessica maria said...

unfunctional attire is so hot right now.