Saturday, December 6, 2008


The internet here at 84 East 4th has not worked for about a week now except for some random instances of stolen wireless from the 'WLCM' network - the only one in the area that isn't password protected.  It's kinda making me a little crazy even though I get plenty of interwebbing in at work.... it's just not the same.  I'm going through loser stat-tracker withdrawal and just unable to update the blog as much as I'd like.

So fingers crossed that my dear WLCM friend holds out for long enough to post this!

On Tuesday night, Erica and Perry (and DJ Rob Hitt) hosted the annual (I think) Trainwreck Winter Formal.  It was a good excuse to wear a dress and heels which are two things that don't happen a whole lot.  I (sorta surprisingly) had a really great time which may or may not be attributed to the open Venom+vodka bar, drink tickets, lack of Real World cameras and 'light wand' man, and long discussions of Veronica Mars as well as Matt Cassel fantasy points  and Ray Lewis youtube highlight reels.

(Thanks to Art Chick for the black&white photo and Meik for the one below since I didn't take any photos with my own camera.)

Katie Robinson (known to some as: My Retardedly Hot Friend Katie) also made a surprise AK appearance.  Whiskey drinks were had by all!  Oh, and look who else showed up...


I swear he stalks my life.  I can't walk down the street without seeing him... and he's not hard to miss with the face tattoos and reverse mohawk/sawed-off shotgun blast hair.  Let's hope he doesn't stumble into the Owen show tonight at the Mercury Lounge!

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