Monday, September 15, 2008

Re: #6

It happened back in July thanks to Carly Richardson.  Most excellent.

Also, I probably should have been born Canadian.  It would make me appreciate things like  this even more.

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count me in!

we should get seats as close as possible to where the '93 WS home run
was hit to incase they try to do a physical reenactment.

seriously though, should we get cheap seats or good tickets?
is there some thing where we get to meet joe carter if we sit in the

On 2-Sep-08, at 8:42 PM, Kevin Kennaley wrote:

> WHEN: this Friday, the 5th of September.
> WHERE: the skydome (none of this rogers center crap).
> Who wants to go? We'll sort tickets out before Friday so that we
> don't have to miss anything before the game... I can only assume
> that they're going to show the '93 home run on the jumbotron. I
> don't know if anyone else wanted to come or not, but all are
> welcome! So let's get a head count, and enjoy one last night out
> before the summer is truly over.
> And remember, Joe Carter loves you more than your own mothers do.
> Kevin

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