Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today in failing...

-missed the East Village beer crawl
-did not go to The Souls roller derby half-time show in Asbury Park
-Priceline would not accept my bids on flights to Hawaii
-American Apparel would not let me exchange a pair of tights
-currently watching Bad Boys II for a second time today

Seriously thinking about going to bed even though its barely midnight.   I used to be fun.

Currently reading this book of short stories by Sedaris, not actually written by him but chosen by him. Maybe its because my reading is mostly limited to the subway to/from work but short stories are great - Nine Stories/Salinger, Headless/Weissman, A Stranger In This World/Canty...  So good.  I won't lie, I kind of want to read A People's History Of The United States but I'm fairly certain I will get bored with it before I even make it to the Christopher Columbus part.

More football in t-minus 13 hours!

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