Saturday, September 27, 2008


Actual texts sent from me to Evan tonight at the show during A Day To Remember's set.  

- This band is garbage.  My ears are bleeding.
(Editor's note: The set starts with that recycled siren noise - as used by The Causalities on Warped Tour and Beyonce at some awards show.)

-A hardcore boy band?
(Ed note: All seem to constantly head bob in unison... this seems suspect.  Hmmm...)

-Can we give Florida back to Spain?
(Ed note: 'Hey we're A Day To Remember from Florida... open it up New Jersey!'.  Barf.  Can we give Florida back to Spain?  I don't fuckin need orange juice that badly.)

-Yes, this will be a day to remember...for all the wrong reasons.
(Ed note: Enough said.)

-If I could get close enough, I would throw my beer at them.
(Ed note: So many kids in the crowd cheered for being straight edge.  Don't they know it doesn't count if you're under 21?  It's not straight edge... you're just not breaking the law.)

-Seriously, what is with the synchronized guitar guys?
(Ed note: The head bobbing, jump kicking, and breakdowns are ALL the same.  Nothing special about this band.)

-A day to remember puts on a show I wish I could forget.
(Ed note: Nothing special except the fact that I will remember to avoid seeing them play in the future.)

-Figures they would play a cover... They have not done an original thing all night.
(Ed note: Pretty much ended the set with Since U Been Gone.... awesome.)

Maybe they fall into that "good guys, bad band" category.... but I pray that band gets a flat tire.


billy hamilton said...

awwww katiebrown!
they are such nice guys and are really fun to watch!

Evan said...
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Evan said...

those 9 text messages were a pretty accurate summation of that band (and how the entire tour package feels about them). They fall under the Bad band can be OK dudes at times. Will report on any future flat tires etc. HAHA