Friday, February 20, 2009


Blogging is hard without reliable interwebz at the apartment. My LA trip was mostly fun and definitely makes me want to go back again sometime (and stop hating on it so much).

+ Coffee Bean double vanilla tea lattes [Exhibit B]
+ Seeing political celeb (Arnold), celebuspawn (young Fonz) and tv celeb (Rachel Bilson)
+ Baltimore's Patrick Martin [sidenote: ....has a blog now!]
+ Venice Beach in the sunshine
+ "that street with all the palm trees"
+ Tim rides the bull!
+ Amanda rides the bull!
+ In N Out cheeseburger
+ Eating my way through the farmers market in Pacific Palisades
+ Avocados
+ Watching the slam dunk contest and 3 point shoot outs twice
+ The Lakersmobile with Stick Figure Phil and Kobe
+ Crashing an important lawyer/artist/label meeting
+ Being in a car (yay!) and listening to "California" music
+ Playing catch in the driveway
+ Drinks with cucumber [Exhibit A]
+ Amanda is 2nd Runner Up in 'Best Chest' contest

- The group of 30 junior high kids speaking (or yelling) in Hebrew for the whole flight there
- Getting a cold
- Ears not popping on the whole flight back
- Doubled over in pain from ears not popping
- The getting-blood-drawn fiasco
- Jet lag determining a new 10pm bedtime (and 7am wake up time)
- Aileen getting caught up at work and not being able to hang in Huntington Beach
- Being too busy to meet Aileen in HB even if she hadn't been busy

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Oh, and more pictures here and here.

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Aileen Burns said...

Still so sad about our non-hangs :(