Friday, February 6, 2009


Birthday week was without a doubt a total blast! An Aileen friend came from Carlsbad and even a Sean Palmer friend made his way into my snowy city from even snowier city of Toronto.


PG managed to score her uncle's season tickets (7th row!) for the game as well as a pair from Jordan Farmer (I don't even know how! Does this mean we're only at like 3 degrees of separation now? Me-PG-whoever PG knows-Farmar.... FUCK YES!)

The LAKE SHOW at MSG was freakin incredible. Kobe basically ran a clinic for the Knicks, scoring 61 points... even if he earn most of those going 20-20 from the line. To say I was beyond stoked to see my little Farmar in the flesh would also be an understatement. M-V-P Chant status from the garden. AWESOME!

I also made Ali take my picture in front. I give no fucks - besides, I am a girl and can get away with obnoxious things as sporting event (i.e. refering to Farmar almost exclusively as the 'cutie with the big ears') even if I know better.


Thank God this movie is finally coming out!
Kristen Bell + Science Fiction theme = WIN.


Oh yea, and see you in a week LA (and surrounding area)!  I wonder how much In-N-Out one can consume in 3 1/2 days.

LAX - Hot Snakes

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