Sunday, February 8, 2009


Last night began on the couch with Perry and Erica and the NASCAR Budweiser Shootout on the tv.  Unfortunately for Erica, Biffle biffed out on like, the last lap.  Kasey Kahne finished pretty well... I hope he has a great season and the only thing that consistently beats him across the finish line is 'Bud'.  (Get it?)

Well, 10:30 rolled around all too early this morning when I had to pry myself from my bed to get to the Fanboys matinee on time with Jessica, Jesse and James.  Fanboys was a great movie!!  I went in with low expectation and was pleasantly surprised.  So, so many Rush references and music!  And as someone who grew up with a mother who LOVED Harrison Ford, I could totally appreciate lines like:

"Nobody calls Han Solo a dirtbag!"

Definitely go see this movie if its in your city!

And now for some observations on my day:

...on the Lakers game:
-Lamar Odom was 'wired' - his commentary is the best thing in my life
-Jordan Farmar STILL needs a haircut, hopefully he gets one when they get back to LA
-Fuck you KG for giving Kobe the plague!

...on the Pro Bowl:
-John Harbaugh trick play to Le'Ron McClain, yes!
-Raven's mascot Poe in a Hawaiian shirt, yes! 
-boo! to Cutler throwing an interception instead being a man and taking a sack 
-boo! to missing Ray Lewis telling the sideline reporter to go screw herself
-AFC > NFC no matter what the scoreboard said

...on the Grammys:
-TI looks damn good on the red carpet, his baby momma not so much
-Is that Matty G on drums during Coldplay?
-And Taylor Swift on guitar for Carrie Underwood?
-And the page from 30 Rock playing ukulale during T. Swift?
-Who tricked Stevie Wonder into playing with the Jonas Brothers?
-"Blink 182 is Back!" - is boards are probably blowing up now (and this ranks like Lost-level in my life - a.k.a. it doesn't)
-I don't like Coldplay.  Stop. It.
-MIA totally snubbed for Record of the Year

Favorite performances - as of 9:51pm EST
1. Estelle and Kanye
2. Taylor Swift (yea, yea and Miley)
3. The 'Rap' Pack  - I love you TI!

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