Saturday, January 3, 2009


Happy [semi-belated] New Years!  

Things I Love:
Partini - the best game ever as long as I don't draw the stupid clay sculpture cards!
"Peeking duck.... Poo poo platter!!"

Dancing/Skanking/Laughing to No Doubt's cover of The Vandals' "Oi To The World".
"On the roooof with the nunchucks Trevor broke a lot of bones... but Haji had a sword like the guy on Indiana Jones!"

#3 and #4.  
-Not smiling in photos.  My mom always warned me that my face would get stuck that way.
-Also, wearing scrunchy socks like I'm bring 1993 back.

Deviled eggs... some with bacon, some without.

Jiscilla... for being lovely as always and documenting the whole damn thing.

Things I Absolutely Do Not Love:
The realization that I'll be 25 in four short weeks.  
"Are you there, quarter-life crisis?  It's me, Katie."

1 comment:

jessica maria said...

i'm 25 already, and i survived. don't worry kb, as long as we keep skanking, i think we'll be okay.